Why does the blade edge face upward when wearing katana?

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The Japanese katana sword is unique because it is the only sword with the blade facing upwards. Under normal circumstances, the blade of the saber will gradually weaken to minimize the risk of self-injury. Whether in Japan, South Korea, China, or elsewhere, people have worn swords with the blade facing down for centuries. However, in the feudal era of Japan, samurai began to wear katana with the blade facing upwards, which caused many people to ask why.

Why does the samurai sword insert the blade upward in the scabbard?

1. Convenience. When the blade is drawn out, the part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger is facing the spine of the sword and the arm can be drawn forward. Although you can draw the katana with the blade down, the posture is to raise your arm when drawing the katana, so that the deltoid muscle needs more force, and it also affects the extension of your arm and your environment, such as whether there are obstacles on the top of your head. 

2. Real combat perspective. The katana is worn with the blade facing upward is that it can be unsheathed and drawn faster. The samurai can grab the hilt of the katana with one hand and quickly pull it out, giving them an advantage over the enemy. the katana sword technique is more slashing from above than from bottom to top, and it is more powerful, which means that you can directly use the slashing technique after drawing the blade upwards, and after drawing the sword More horizontal arms and knives make it easier to make a horizontal slash, while the blade is down to make it a lot more troublesome.

There is also a big flaw in raising the arm and pulling the katana, which is one of the reasons why it is not used.

Also, when the opponent close attacks or hugs you, the katana inserted in the scabbard can be easily pulled out. The action is to put the right hand against the chest, send the katana to the right with your left hand, and you can pull it out close to your body. But when the blade is facing down, It's very unnatural to draw out katana like this.

Another point is that when the blade edge is up, it is convenient to take a defensive position.

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