What is UNOKUBI-ZUKURI blade shape?

Published: 11/08/2020 Comments: 0
The Unokubi-Zukuri Katana provides excellent balance in a strong cutting blade.

This geometry was initially designed to lighten the blade of a naginata while keeping most functionality intact. This kind of design is a nice one for a ‘cutter’ as it allows the blade to be tall and rather strong from edge to back and of reasonable thickness at the shinogi without being overly heavy since the shinogi ji's angle back to form a very thin mune on the 2/3 thirds of the blade.

It is similar to the KANMURI-OTOSHI-ZUKURI, but the back turns to thick near the KISSAKI.
1) The base is SHINOGI-ZUKURI.
In the case of NAGINATA, this type or KANMURI-OTOSHI-ZUKURI(1) is common.



2) The base is HIRA-ZUKURI.



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