Various pattern steel's grain in traditional Chinese swords

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Pattern steel is a patterned steel used to make precious artifacts such as treasure swords. It is also known as "Flower iron" and "Wen iron" in ancient China. According to different classification methods, it can be divided into many categories. For example, according to the process principle, it can be divided into crystalline pattern steel and fused pattern steel.

The pattern shape of the pattern steel is like running water, like a colorful cloud, or like a chrysanthemum, or similar to wood grain. Europeans say "Damascus steel", Russians say "Blat steel", and the iron that was introduced into China from Persia and Binbin (now Kashmir) in ancient times belongs to pattern steel. Ancient Chinese records about patterned steel began at the latest in the Eastern Han Dynasty and can be seen in Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.

River Snail Pattern


Bark Pattern


Waterfall Pattern


Spin Weld Pattern


 Silkworm Silk Pattern


 Feather Pattern


 Wood Pattern


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