Tsuka-ito & sageo cord

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Tsuka-ito(柄糸) is the wrap of the tsuka, traditionally is made of silk, but today most often in cotton and sometimes leather. You can use it to wrap your Tsuka handle of sword.

A sageo (下緒 or 下げ緒) is a hanging cord made of silk, cotton or leather that depending on the preference of the blade furnishes and the value of the blade. It was common to use basic woven wool as well as very high-priced Japanese silk on high-end swords. The Japanese culture is very impressive when it comes to it's attention to detail.

Sageo cord extends from the kurigata(栗形) knob of a Japanese sword's saya. There are a number of different methods for wrapping and tying the sageo on the saya for display purposes. Other uses for the sageo are tying the sword to the samurai and hojojutsu. The samurai felt the sageo formed a spiritual bond between them and the sword, and they were very particular about tying it correctly when the sword was not in use.

It is generally a good form for the sageo color to match the tsuka-ito color (handle wrapping).

You can change to the ito sageo cord you like at any time. If you want your sword to look different, you only need to replace a new wrapping cord, and not buy a new katana sword.

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