1095# high carbon steel material, hand made. Traditional clay tempered, Rockwell (hardness):60/40,Real distinct hamon. Best quality rayskin tsuka (handle). High quality rayskin Tsuka.High qulity silk wrap sageo. Brass Fuchi/kashira, all brass Habaki. horn koiguchi/kurigata/kojiri. We believe: it will rebuild your conception of swords and katana.


An authentic tachi that was manufactured averaged 70–80 centimeters in cutting edge length (nagasa) and compared to a katana was generally lighter in weight in proportion to its length, had a greater taper from hilt to point, was more curved with a smaller point area. Unlike the traditional manner of wearing the katana, the tachi was worn hung from the belt with the cutting-edge down, and was most effective when used by cavalry. The tachi koshirae had two hangers (ashi) which allowed the sword to be worn in a horizontal position with the cutting edge down.

Overall Length: 103cm/40.6in   Handle(tsuka) : 26cm/10.24in    

Blade Length: 70cm/27.6in

Blade Width: 3.2cm/1.26in   Blade Thickness: 0.7cm/0.28in

Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel

Forging Craft:  Made by traditional forging craft. Clay Tempered

Blade Edge Hardness:  60(HRC)【58-60】

Polishing Craft:  Hand polished, hand sharpened. 【Sharpness: ★★★★★     Mirror Effect:  ★★★★★】

Fittings:  Brass Plated Gold/Silver

Ito:  Synthetic Silk       Sageo:  Synthetic Silk Sageo

Saya:  Mahogany Wooden Scabbard

Gift:  Sword Bag,Certificate

The clay temper procedure is really complicated,although what we show you is only four steps.The blade will be set apart as 2,one is the back of the blade and the other is the cut edge side.the back side will be stick with the clay and the other side will be covered by the powder and other mixture which is protected as a secret recipe.coz the different thickness of the back of the blade and the cut edge side,and the different of the clay mud and the mixture,when the blade cooling to be a same low temperature at the same time after the heating by high temperature,that is why the blade has a radian,and there is a clay temper wave line.


1, There are many existing measurement methods. Different measurement methods lead to very different results. To ensure the accuracy,please use the standard Japanese measurement method.

2.Each photo is taken in kind, absolutely true without any treatment. However, each monitor has a color difference, so please browse carefully to avoid disputes;

3.Sword is a special product. At present, it can only be transported by China Post EMS. It cannot be transported by other commercial express deliveries. (such as: DHL, etc.)

4.Manual products, slightly different, please in kind prevail .

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High Carbon Steel Clay Tempered TACHI Sword LQ160314

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