This Black Blade Katana featured is hand forged using Japanese methods. Fully functional Katana. The blade of this katana is made of 1060 high carbon steel, heat treated and oil quenched. the black color on the surface of the blade is specially treated, it can prevent the blade from rusting. Normally, the black color will not fade unless you re-polish the blade. This blade comes with a Full Tang which greatly enhances the strength of the sword while swinging. The tang will be filed to match well with the handle. The sword has a very well-balanced feel when swinging. Long bo-hi on each side of the blade.

The tsuba (guard) is made from blackened iron. 

The tsuka has tight hinerimaki using black synthetic silk Ito over red Ray skin SAMEGAWA with double bamboo mekugi pegs. 

The Saya is lacquered wood with a gloss black-red finish and is tied with a synthetic silk sageo. 

Product Description

  • Made by traditional forging craft
  • 1060 high carbon steel material blade
  • Water quenching treatment and traditional hand-polishing blade
  • Iron Tsuba (Guard) +Alloy Fittings
  • Comes with a lacquered Wood Tsuka(handle) and Saya(scabbard)
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Comes with: 1 Sword With Scabbard, 1 Bag

  • Item Specifications

    Overall Length: 103cm/40.6in
    Handle(tsuka) : 26cm/10.24in
    Blade Length: 70cm/27.6in
    Blade Width: 3.2cm/1.26in
    Blade Thickness: 0.7cm/0.28in
    Blade Material: 1060 Carbon Steel
    Forging Craft:  Made by traditional forging craft
    Blade Edge Hardness:  58(HRC)【57-59】
    Polishing Craft:  Hand polished, hand sharpened. 
    Sharpness: ★★☆☆☆     Mirror Effect:  ★★☆☆☆】
    Fittings: Iron Tsuba+alloy fittings
    Saya: Lacquered Wooden Scabbard
    Ito & Sageo:  Synthetic Silk

    Gift:  Sword Bag


    1. Please note: the sword stand or holder is not included. For a display stand, please go to [ Sword Stand ].
    2. There are many existing measurement methods. Different measurement methods lead to very different results. To ensure accuracy,please use the standard Japanese measurement method.
    3. Each photo is taken in kind, absolutely true without any treatment. However, each monitor has a color difference, so please browse carefully to avoid disputes;
    4. Sword is a special product. At present, it can only be transported by China Post EMS. It cannot be transported by other commercial express deliveries. (such as DHL, etc.)
    5. Manual products, slightly different, please in kind prevail.

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Black Blade Carbon Steel Japanese Samurai Katana Swords Iron Tsuba Full Tang Sharp

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